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Nintendo Wii/GameCube CirKa White Controller


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Controller Gamepad for GameCube & Wii Consoles

✔ Compatible with GameCube GC NGC Video Game Console and Wii & Wii Virtual console
✔ Features 8 buttons, Dual analog sticks( C-sticks and Thumb Sticks), D-pad. Great Shape to fit your hand, comfortable to hold and play.
✔ Perfect for playing smash bros., mario party casually. Great alternative for kids to play with. Also can be served as a multiplayer controller, you need a backup controller for your friends who come over to play competitive games
✔ Vibration function - When playing certain games that have this feature, vibrate in your hands. The cord is approx. 6 ft. long and if you want to use it at a comfortable distance, you need buy controller extension cords. Please let me know if you need buy controller extension cords.

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