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Complete with a 120GB hard drive and a 16:9 cinematic aspect ratio, the Xbox 360 Elite stores game files, plays movies and music, and connects to the internet. Backwards compatibility with a number of titles for the original Xbox means you have even more options when it comes to playing your favorite games. The black Xbox 360 Elite from Microsoft is approximately 12.15 inches wide, 10.15 inches deep, and 3.27 inches high. Lay the console vertically or horizontally depending on the layout of your entertainment system. The Elite comes complete with an HDMI port and three USB ports, allowing you to connect a phone, an Ethernet jack, and an A/V connector. The HDMI port, which is an addition not included in earlier versions of the Xbox, allows you to hook up the console to any TV or entertainment system without the hassle of multiple cables. Two memory card slots also let you load your video game files, allowing you to play your saved games on other Xbox 360 consoles. An infrared port on the front of the Xbox allows you to use a variety of different compatible remote controls. One of the biggest selling points of the Xbox 360 Elite is its impressive hardware, including the 120GB detachable hard drive. This hard drive snaps onto the side of the console. The Elite supports up to four controllers, allowing you to play with up to three other players. The console even lets you know who is playing with what controllers through green LED lights. The 512 MB of RAM means that your games, videos, and other media runs smoothly without slowing down. The console comes with one wireless controller that lets you play all of the video games available on Xbox. The Xbox Live headset connects to the wireless controller and lets you talk to friends while you play your game. You can plug a digital camera, a thumb drive, a flash card reader, and even a music player into the Xbox Elite. Put in a CD and rip the music straight into the Xbox 360 hard drive.

Resident Evil 5 Limited Edition 120GB Red console has a special red case that goes around the whole console. A special matching wireless controller is also included in the bundle. The controller features a battery pack that can be used with standard AA batteries or rechargeable batteries. The gaming system itself features a 120GB hard drive. This is ideal for downloading game data like updates or DLC content. The extra space is also ideal for storing music and movie content. A number of Xbox 360 video games allow you to play your own music while gaming. The ample storage space on this Xbox version offers enough room to store thousands of songs. The Elite Xbox 360 package also comes with the Resident Evil 5 game. The third-person shooter takes players on a horror adventure to a fictional country in Africa. When a zombie outbreak has taken over, it's up to special agents Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar to stop the zombie hordes and figure out the mystery behind the outbreak. A number of weapons are available in this sequel to the earlier games. This includes handguns, grenades, and close-combat options. A special melee attack is another new feature in the title. Through this attack, players can damage an enemy and then use moves to render them useless. A special download token card also comes with the Xbox Resident Evil consoles. The card has two elements to it. The first is a special Resident Evil 5 Premium theme card. The code gives you access to backgrounds, avatars, and design elements exclusive to your Xbox device. The second part of the download card includes the Street Fighter II Turbo Remix video game. This is an updated classic of the original Capcom release. It features new graphics, new animations, and sound effects that take advantage of Xbox 360 capabilities. All types of classic Capcom characters are available in the digital download, including Vega, Ken, Ryu, and Guile.

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