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Automation makes photo and video editing easy. Your creativity makes it amazing.
You take tons of photos and videos. You're also incredibly busy with classes and clubs, studying and socializing. That's why Elements is perfect for you-it automatically organizes your photos and videos so you don't have to. And with quick-and-easy editing options, you can tell your stories, your way.

No need to take another class. It's easy to create like a pro with Guided Edits that walk you through the steps of replacing backgrounds in your photos and turning photos into text

Stand out on social, in class, and on campus. A few quick edits and they'll be ready to amaze on social media, in class assignments, and in flyers, posters, and websites for your activities

Start a viral sensation? Create a YouTube channel? There's some great stuff in your raw video footage. Premiere Elements helps you find it and do something fun with it-fast

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